The Voice Over Role in Advertising Projects

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Undoubtedly we cannot deny the great importance of voice over in the well-known forms of advertising, from an advertising spot to a corporate video. There are many mistakes that are commonly made, sometimes for economizing or simply for lack of information.

The first mistake that comes to mind is to order the complete production of a commercial spot to a voice over artist.

Leaving the production to a voice over artist is not just about post-recording work. The production goes from the creation of scripts to the final master. That’s why it’s common to hear bad quality of audio, with no character, for having been recorded with microphones and economic interfaces. We can also hear “echo” from a room without acoustic treatment in the recording.

The professional sound that you are looking for is in the hands of those who master the use of compressors, de-essers, eq’s, limiters and many other tools in the DAW. That’s why it’s very important go with a vo talent agency that offers you a complete voice over service that includes your ideal artist and a quality recording studio.

At Aqua Sound Studio we can help you to find Hispanic neutral voices for any Project you may need and provide you with the best production equipment in our recording studios.

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