Simple Tip to Improve your Pronunciation in Voice Over

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Performing a voice over job is not only to emit sounds and move the tongue, when voice over artists are in action all their bodies interferes, from the way they stand to the position of their head, the voice is just the end of this process.

For this reason you have to exercise the facial muscles for the correct articulation of the sounds, for this you must perform exercises day by day.

Professional voice over artists use an exercise to improve pronunciation. This exercise is really simple and effective:

  1. Put a pencil in your mouth.
  2. Place it horizontally between the lips and teeth.
  3. Practice reading aloud with the pencil in your mouth.

This exercise makes us exaggerate the facial movements so that we exercise these muscles. The goal is to get a clear pronunciation, as far as possible, to force ourselves and vocalize better. At the beginning it is complicated but with practice it will become easier to perform.

Try it and see how your pronunciation skills in voice over improve day by day.


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