Importance of Hispanic Voice Over for TV Online

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Voice Over and Internet

The reason why you should invest in Hispanic voice over artists in your video contents is because more and more Hispanics are joining the web to watch TV content, and here is some evidence to prove it:

  • 23% of Affluent Hispanic smartphone owners prefer watching TV online. This group is also 74% more likely to watch TV online.
  • Hispanic Millennials are 133% more likely to watch TV online because they do not own a TV. This is higher than African American and Asian Millennials (100% & 109%, respectively).
  • 15% of US internet users who always watch TV online are Hispanic.
  • It is 55% more likely that Hispanic Millennials prefer to watch TV online, compared to the average internet user.

As you can see the consumption of online television by Hispanics is extremely high, and it’s very important that your content has a Spanish version made by Hispanic voice over artists that give greater confidence to this audience.

If you want to create an adaptation of your online content we invite you to look for our voice over services with Hispanic artists contact Us!

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