How to Select the Right Voice Over coach?

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There are many people who go to vo talent agencies hoping to become professional voice over artists, and although many of them don’t have enough experience, they have a great potential.

All inexperienced voice over artists are always advised to look for a coach to help them to develop their skills, however, most of them don’t know how to select one. Here are some things to keep in mind in the selection of a good voice over coach.

1. Select someone with whom you can make a connection

Your voice over coach should be someone who understands what you are doing. Someone who respect you and your goal.

2. Don’t seek only knowledge, seek experience

Your voice over teacher plus knowledge, must to have a firmer experience of artistic and vocal technique. A voice over teacher will not be able to teach you something if he doesn’t know how to do it.

3. Find someone who can create and customize class for you

It is very important that your voice over teacher knows your strengths and design the right curriculum to your skills and goals.

4. Look for someone focused on your goals

Your coach’s goals should be aligned with yours goals to be able to help you with your career priorities.

We hope this article has been helpful and you find soon a coach that make you a professional voice over artist.

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