How to make a successful voice over demo?

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If you are a voice over artist and want to record a high quality demo there are 5 key elements to achieve this:

1. Practice

Stand in front of the microphone and practice continuously to discover and develop your skills. If you have the opportunity to have a coach do it. A good coach will help you to develop your talents in voice over.

2. The script

Develop or find a script that highlights your strengths and disguises your weaknesses.

3. Creation

The creative work of your voice over demo requires a lot of work and care. Make the listeners develop the whole story in their head.

4. Production

The production should perfectly highlight your skills and also give you credibility. Record and listen different demos to find the best.

5. The promotion

A demo is done for people to listen to. As a voice over artist it’s your responsibility to make sure that your demo is available to those who can hire you.

Remember that one of the most important things to make your demo successful is patience and persistence. Fight for your dreams as a voice over artist.

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