Difference Between Voice Over for Dubbing and Subtitling Service

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Voice Over And Dubbing

The voice over service for dubbing is different from subtitling. While some people think that these services are similar, we must make it clear that we are talking about two completely different things. To explain it in a simple way, subtitling basically consists in the translation of the original text, and voice over, instead, is the dubbing of the voice of the original audio in a target language.

Since these are different services, the tools and processes for subtitling and voice over work also different. Voice over services for dubbing are usually done in a recording studio with the right audio equipment for this type of work.

The voice over involves more work than the subtitling service, because in the dubbing is necessary to respect the different voices of an audio, they may be masculine or feminine. Voice over, rather than a text translation, is a translation of emotions.

No matter which of the two services you are looking for, Aqua Sound can help you. We are a recording studio specialized in voice over and text translation, so we can carry out your project. Contact us to know more about our services and our voice over artists.

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