Basics of Voice Over

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The job of a voice over artist is much more than just making sounds. It is a complex process in which organs, devices, people, air and culture.

In this article we will focus on the most basic aspects to take into account before you begin to delve deeper into the topic of voice over.

Voice and word

The voice is the medium by which the words travel when a person says them. The voice is the result of the intervention of: the spinal column, the brain, the respiratory system and the oral and digestive cavities (mouth, palate, teeth, etc.).

Voice over artists must have a special care of their voice because it is their most important work tool.


Without an adequate breathing pattern it is too difficult make a good projection of the voice and the message. The good voice over artists needs to know how to breathe and storage air in their lungs.


This process involves the vibration of the vocal cords and is the process by which the sound is created.


Like all other parts of the process of the voice over, this is a transcendental aspect. It is the correct movement of the muscles to produce sounds that can be understood. In this aspect the disposition of the organs, the bones and the nasal and buccal cavities influences.

Now you know the basics of voice over and we hope you learn more about this beautiful job.

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