4 Tips For Amateur Voice Over Artists

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1. Be natural in your interpretation

It is not the same theatrical performance as a performance in voice over. The theater is more exaggerated. Voice over uses more natural intonation.

2. Be flexible with your accents

In many occasions, to make a voice over job more general, the artist’s accent is suppressed and a neutral accent is used, however, on many other occasions the character requires a specific accent and you need to be flexible to do it.

3. Study the character

The better way to play a character is when you feel the character. Study your character movements, your expressions and reactions.

4. Dive into the scene

Sometimes the character is happy with a big smile, but the voice doesn’t fit with the scene. If a scene is sad remember something sad, if it is a happy scene, remember something happy. Don’t sit in the character, be the character!

We hope these tips help you to gradually acquire more experience and soon you become a professional voice over artist.

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