4 Different Voice Over Applications

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There are several areas of audio-visual field where a voice over artist can work, and in this article we want to share some of them:

1. Voice Over for Promotionals:

Voice Over for promotionals is the one that applies to audios or videos that want to sell or make known a product or service. In this case it is very important to select an appropriate voice for our target public.

2. Voice Over for documentaries:

A documentary requires a narrator to play the role of explanation, and it is here when is needed with a vo artist with a neutral and agreeable voice.

3. Voice Over for characterizations:

An animated character needs a voice that goes according to its characteristics. Voice Over can also fulfill the function of giving life and personality to different animations.

4. Voice over for dubbing:

The dubbing goes beyond giving voice to a character, dubbing also requires translation and adaptation of voice. In this case the voice over artist must follow a script adapted to the region to which the dubbing is directed.

If you require any of the these services we invite you to visit our contact section so you can send us a message requesting information about our Hispanic voice artists.


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